How To Keep It Clean Like Laurel Canyon Car Wash Clean

How To Keep It Clean Like Laurel Canyon Car Wash Clean

We at Laurel Canyon Car Wash Clean You Car. That's a Promise! These are the tips for you to maintain the cleanliness of your automobile.

Tip #1: Wash Your Car With the Right Suds

Search, visit auto shop, car dealer, auto parts store you will find a wide range of best car wash soap. Many of them cost around a few dollars and surely delivers quality and performance. Don't use house hold products like liquid detergents to wash your automobile as these products may harm you car's paint.  Instead of dish soap, use a cleaner formulated for vehicles. Once mixed-up with the suds, go next step — fill a second bucket with clean rinse water. Use mitt to rinse-off. That this will remove most of the road grit from the mitt to prevent scratches. When you're finished, wash the mitt in the washing machine to get it completely clean.

Tip #2:  Have Your Car Auto Detail

As this Detailing is the first defense of your car protecting it from harmful elements. Without regular car cleaning, conditioning, and treatment, your car’s interior and exterior are prone to discoloration, cracking, and peeling due to UV damage, road debris, and every other sources of surrounding contaminant. A weekly wash to remove dirt from sticking, a monthly wash and wax to ensure the exterior car remains covered with a shinny surface.

Tip #3: Leave it to the Professional

Sometimes a cleaning your own car is just a big job for the typical car owner, and it is time to hand off the keys to a professional detailer. Cleaning your could take too much time and it requires special tools that prove to be pricey, or it could be overly intimidating for someone who does nothing more than take their car to a drive-thru car wash on occasion.

Whatever the reason may be, we at NoHo are trained detailers who are more than willing to undertake this cleaning task for you. We all have the experience, insight, and professionalism as we are already more than 50 years in service. So be sure to look up for us and see what our client says that can recommend for you, because a well-maintained car is a direct reflection of the person driving it. We have services just right for you. See our Service Page.