About Us

Laurel Canyon Car Wash

Laurel Canyon Car Wash provides its customers with a network of Car Washes in and around California. For your convenience, we will guide you to the right cleaning company, which will cater to your cleaning needs and will not compromise on the quality you seek.

Valley Village Car Wash works with leading cleaning companies and their staff with ongoing comprehensive training in auto detailing and the normal day-to-day quick wash services.

50 years of experience working in the car wash industry will mean our fully trained staff, will be applying cleaning methods learned over the years using correct products and machinery.

Laurel Canyon's Car Wash Mission Statement and Values

Laurel Canyon's Car Wash Value shares what will make us successful. While it is difficult to list our values in order, it is essential to understand that they are all vital to Laurel Canyon's long-term success. Our core values will help build customer loyalty: Safety, Integrity, Customer Time, Quality, and Consistency.

Safety: The well-being of our customers, employees, suppliers, and families is why we will take all necessary steps to operate Laurel Canyon Car Wash safely, including stopping operations to correct unsafe conditions.

Integrity: In our daily transactions, our customers will see that our word is something we do not take lightly.

Customer's Time: We understand the importance of the customer's time. Our facility is designed to provide the customer with a choice of washes, to accommodate his or her schedule.

Quality: We provide a quality wash our customers are looking for, through highly trained employees and quality equipment.

Consistency: With well-trained employees and Laurel Canyon's site design, the customer will have a consistent wash and detailing product. We are committed to meeting and exceeding customers' expectations.

Our Commitment to Service

We at Laurel Canyon Car Wash live up to its name by caring for our environment in every part of our business. We care very much about the environment and strive to be the world's most eco-friendly car wash and detail service. By washing your car eco-friendly, together we can make a difference. When you wash your car at Laurel Canyon Car Wash you are not only getting a clean and shiny vehicle but you are also protecting the environment.

What began as a business idea for the best wash at the best price, turned into a quest to integrate this approach with cutting-edge green technology. With the help of a great team, the Laurel Canyon Car Wash was born. Our “green” technologies save us money on energy consumption, and we can pass those savings on to our customers. Our car wash helps to keep the environment clean and provides good value to customers at the same time also we offer Car Detailing Services.